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Onyx, is a Gauteng based Corporate Hospitality Agency, that is the link between businesses and accommodation venues.

Our aim is to establish solid and long term relationships with businesses who will entrust us with the responsibility of taking care of their hospitality needs within South Africa, for employees who are required to travel for work and reside in facilities that are suitable for the employee and budget of the business.

In doing so, we provide services that are professional, efficient, convenient and add value to businesses.

Why should you make use of our services?

Technology is great and has made our lives so much more easier, convenient and efficient. However, what technology lacks, is the human and personal touch that we need. Working with Onyx allows you to connect with a person, who does the work on your behalf, therefore increasing convenience and efficiency while adding value to your business.

Choosing Onyx allows you to leverage from our network of suppliers, giving you the benefit of volume bookings, without having to go through the tedious and time consuming process of looking for multiple venues, building rapport with them, comparing quotes and negotiating rates. We do this for you.

We pride ourselves on understanding your wants and business requirements upfront, which allows you to send one simple email when bookings are needed. We take care of the rest in a timely




To provide a service that is of consistent high quality by ensuring that our clients deal with an Agent that has a thorough understanding of business etiquette, effective communication and the importance of client services.



Using our skills and wide range of connections within the hospitality industry, we are able to source accommodation fast and with negotiated rates not available to the public.



We add value to your business with our network of venues and our unique service offering that increases convenience and efficiency and saves your business and staff time and money.



We pride ourselves on being a company that is created with strong moral values and ethics and will display this value in our workmanship.

Meet the Owner & Agent

I have over fifteen years working experience in the corporate industry and business management. Being the owner of a business and having dealt extensively with staff and clientele from different backgrounds and an array of businesses, over the years I have developed a skill for communication, business management and client services.

My range of skills in the corporate and hospitality industries, my creativity in business and my ability to network, negotiate and build solid professional relationships based on ethics and integrity, give me a competitive advantage in the market.

Corporate Wellness

Philly Naidoo, the owner of Onyx, is also the owner of D’Vida Wellness Spa, a Holistic Health and Personal Development Coach and the Creator of the coaching platform called Rise with Zen Sai.

Coaching sessions focus on growth and development, trauma healing, physical health (managing and coping with diseases and medical conditions and creating a healthy lifestyle), emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Corporate Wellness and Personal Development has become a priority in society, as employees deal with increasing stress levels leading to health challenges. Making health and wellness a vital part of a business and organization, is critical to the success and growth of both the organization and employees. Learning how to manage and improve life holistically and creating harmony between ones personal and professional life, is key to increasing productivity and attaining overall fulfillment.

One on One and group coaching sessions are offered where clients learn the following:
– Mastering the mind, body and soul connection.
– Transcending trauma and limiting belief patterns that prevent growth and emotional and mental freedom.
– Learning tools to improve health holistically and manage stress.
– Personal Development, Time Management, Visionary and Goal Setting and Tracking.

A number of wellness retreats, including corporate wellness, are in progress and will be available soon.

D’Vida Wellness Spa

Rise with Zen Sai


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Corporate Wellness

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